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Grant Griffin in Concert by Norm Johnson

Went to the Grant Griffin Concert earlier this week (March 8) to see and hear exactly what is going on with the talented baritone and, the three dynamic ladies he was featuring. I quickly found out when a 21 piece orchestra - including a sizable string section - appeared on The Orleans Showroom stage. It's been a long time since I personally saw that big of a presence of musicians on a stage.

It's The Norm

If you're looking for an inexpensive night out and, want to listen to some beautiful music then there's only one place to be on Tuesday, March 8th and that's The Orleans Showroom where the Annual Grant Griffin in Concert show will be staged.

COLUMN: Mike Weatherford

The second edition of theatrical singer Grant Griffin's "Magical Night of Music" doubles as a benefit Wednesday, while the Edwards Twins bring costumed impersonations from Laughlin for two consecutive Fridays at Sunset Station.

Grant Griffin looking for sustained presence

So what else is out there?

It's only fair to ask. So what if there are more than 60 shows on the Strip already, not counting comedy clubs, weekend headliners, concerts and Celine Dion about to put 4,000 new tickets on the market?

So what else is out there?

It seems that there are awards shows for about any type of celebrity. But what about those performers that worked the Las Vegas "Lounge Circuit?" It's time that these entertainers earn their applause and accolades fro their hard work and dedication.


A Singer's Singer

cdmagicalnightgg.jpg cdmagicalnightgg.jpg

Grant Griffin is considered one of the finest lyric baritones in the world. His career spans 40 Years of show business. His ability to sing from Opera to Broadway to Pop has brought a new dimension to the concert stage. Because of his vocal range, passion for musical interpretation and versatility, critics have called Grant "a singer's singer."

Grant has had the pleasure of performing for President's Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, as well as the Royalty of England and European heads of state in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Italy.

He has performed in over 300 concerts throughout the world and the United States. These include a command performance at the Hollywood Bowl for Princess Ari of Saudi Arabia, five seasons with the Los Angeles, San Francisco Civic Light Operas, San Diego and St. Louis Civic Light Opera.

Grant has been guest on the Johnny Carson, Joey Bishop and Merv Griffin television shows and has produced his own TV musical special hosted by Milton Berle entitled "Meet Grant Griffin." The show was sold to Lipton Tea and aired for over two years. Recently Grant was a guest on the Discovery Channel Episode "Inside Las Vegas." Over the years Grant has produced more than 80 musical revues, His annual Las Vegas "Magical Night of Music" concert is entering it's 5th year and will be performed in April 2007. His company, Griffin Productions Group (GPG) is a full service company designed for corporate events as well as private venues.

Grant first appeared on the Las Vegas scene at the Sahara Hotel in 1956. Later he replaced the star in the Dunes Hotel and Casino Broadway show version of Tenderloin. He returned once again to the Dunes Hotel as the star in the spectacular Casino De Paris show. Performances in recent years have taken place in major nightclubs and concert stages throughout the world.

In Grant's opinion, each song in a concert, has it's own style and interpretation and thereby stands on its own merits, the same as a painting hanging in a gallery. The gallery in this instance is the stage, lighting, orchestra and the audience.

  • 1

    1956 Sahara Hotel & Casino production ( Shaw / Hitchcock Production) MC and Production Singer
  • 2

    1961 Dunes Hotel & Casino production (“Tenderloin”) understudy of Star Ron Husmann
  • 3

    1967 Replaced Rouvan as the Star of the (“ Casino De Paris”) when Rouvan would leave the show to Record or take a leave of absence.
  • 4

    1970 Union Plaza Hotel & Casino production (“Cabaret”). Maynard Sloate producer
  • 5

    1995 Took up Las Vegas residency.
  • 6

    1997 Produced original production of (“Vegas On The Rocks”) words by Jacques Wilson music by Mike Corda showcased at the Casablanca Hotel & Casino in Mesquite Nevada with all Las Vegas cast. Starring Jimmy Caesar, Jeneane Marie.
  • 7

    2002 (“Magical Mystical Night of Music”) Orleans Hotel & Casino Concert Produced by and Starring Grant Griffin and featuring Jeneane Marie, Patricia Welch & 26 piece orchestra. Larry Hart Stage Director
  • 8

    2002 Produced (“The Meatball Awards”) Greek Isle Hotel & Casino. 16 awards.
  • 9

    2003 Produced (“The Meatball Awards”) Orleans Hotel & Casino 18 Awards
  • 10

    2003(“Magical Night of Music”) Orleans Hotel & Casino Concert Produced by and starring Grant Griffin. Featuring Jeneane Marie, Patricia Welch and Michaelina Bellamy and directed by Larry Hart.
  • 11

    2004 Produced (“The Meatball Awards’) Orleans Hotel & Casino 18 Awards
  • 12

    2005 (“Grant Griffin In Concert”) Orleans Hotel & Casino Produced and starring Grant Griffin. Featuring Jeneane Marie, Patricia Welch and Michaelina Bellamy. 22 piece orchestra conducted by Ned Mills. Directed by Larry Hart.
  • 13

    2004 (“ Grant Griffin in Concert”) Orleans Hotel & Casino Produced by and starring Grant Griffin. Featuring Jeneane Marie, Patricia Welch and Michaelina Bellamy. 26 piece orchestra under the baton of Need Mills and directed by Larry Hart.
  • 14

    2005 Produced (“PRAISE”) South Point Hotel & Casino
  • 15

    2006 (“Meatball Awards”)
  • 16

    2007 (“Meatball Awards”) Imperial Hotel & Casino Cork Proctor MC 21 Awards
  • 17

    2008 (“Meatball Awards”) Plaza Hotel & Casino Vinnie Favorito 21 Awards
  • 18

    2011 Raised $2.5 Million Dollars for Jersey Boys
  • 19

    2012 (“Grant Griffin & The Las Vegas Divas”) Produced by & Starring Grant Griffin and featuring Jeneane Marie, Gabrielle Versace, Patricia Welch, Enrique Lugo Dancers. Directed by Mistinguett. Ned Mills Musical director
  • 20

    2013 (“Grant Griffin Voices”) Produced by and Starring Grant Griffin. Featuring Jeneane Marie, Gabriella Versace, Naomi Mauro, Elisa Furr, , Enrique Lugo Dancers. Stage director Mistinguett, musical director Ned Mills
  • 21

    2014 (“Grant Griffin and the Las Vegas Divas’) Produced by & Starring Grant Griffin. Featuring Jeneane Marie, Naomi Mauro, Gabriella Versace, Elsie Furr and Enrique Lugo Dancers. Director Mistinguett. Musical director Bill Fayne.
  • 22

    2015 / 2016 (“”) $500 Million NSCAR production slated for the Las Vegas strip.
  • 23

    2016 Grant is structuring a Las Vegas Jazz Fest to occur in 2017. The budget is $1.2 million.
  • 24

    2016 One Man Show @ Ron De Car’s Event Center las Vegas Starring Grant Griffin and featuring Jeneane Marie and the Uli Geissendorfer Trio.


Recorded at T T & G Studios, Hollywood, California

  • Be My Love

  • Cuando Caliente El Sol

  • Maria(h)

  • Impossible Dream

  • Crying For Love

  • Hebrew Medley

  • My Cup/ I Believe

  • Portrait Of Love

  • Free Again

  • Full Moon

  • Angelica

  • I Got To Be Me

This CD was Recorded Live in Las Vegas at The Orleans Hotel & Casino, March the 6th, 2002

  • Mariah

  • Eri Tu

  • Maria(h)

  • Seimpre Libre

  • Portrait Of Love

  • If I Could

  • Danny Boy

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